Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cornstalks and a Pumpkin Paradise

We hit up another pumpkin patch this year. We drove far out into the sticks and fields onto a dirt path which led us to this fun little place.

Kellen insisted he be a King for the day.

Preston was the first to find the hidden gnome to win a prize.

The corn maze was a bit hard. We had to back track and start over 2x.

Which way?

Then the boys would find these little small paths and would start darting in all directions. We didn't lose anyone! Hurray!

New smile.

Eating corn.

Off to pick a pumpkin.

John found his perfect pumpkins ;) A little uneven... but most are.

Mason was in heaven. He's been obsessed with pumpkins for about a year now. I mean OB--SESSED. We knew he'd be in love with Halloween this year.

Mason saw a family pulling this to their car... he wanted this giant pumpkin really bad. He even tried to push it out of their wagon. We told him NO, after we snapped some pictures of course :) 
Parents of the year.

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