Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Carving Creations and Crispy Leaves

Happy Halloween!

I forgot just how quickly pumpkins rot once you carve them. I think they have about an 8 day life span. We carved these about 10 days too early. So we had nice rotten pumpkins for trick or treat night. We usually paint ours pumpkins (the easier way). I think this was our first year carving them. The kids loved it. Why not, right? Messy (right up their alley) and they got to use tiny knife like swords. In heaven...

Boys.... boys, boys ;)

Mason had Nana do most of the work.

Such concentration.

Taking a break for some synchronized swinging.

These two play so well together.

Of course we still painted some pumpkins. Kellen getting some pointers from the net.

The babies of the family.

So happy!

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