Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a birthday - The BIG 8

As much as I loath my kids growing up and want to have a baby in the family forever--- stop the clock, keep things just as they are.... I just love their birthdays! Celebrating their life and seeing how happy and excited birthdays make them is just the best!

Our handsome 8 year old!

My very dear friend Jen was in town staying with us (another post :) 
We had a giant breakfast the morning of Adrian's "party day"!!

We arrived at Jumpstreet -- an awesome indoor trampoline center. I had to jump with the kids so Preston and Kellen could jump since they were under 8.  I have to say, I loved it... a total blast!
I can't wait to take the kids back and play some more.

Keeping up with the little ones...  flipin flippin.

Dodge ball

Our awesome buddy Charlie.

Foam pit

Action shot of John and Jen.

Jen's probably checking updates from her husband on her 3 boys and the shenanigans they were getting into in her absence. 
John's probably working from the party. 

Obviously exhausted from working. They were enjoying the massage chairs while I chase the kids :)

Bull riding.

I never thought my first time on a mechanical bull would be at this place!?!? I threatened the teen boy operator to be nice. And this was way harder than I expected!

He's a natural.

Happy Birthday goofy!! We love you and all your funny faces, peace signs, and tongue wags!

His "official" birthday was yesterday. He woke up to a new lego tree house to build and a room full of balloons. A sweet neighbor boy brought him a giant birthday cookie with his name on it. It made his day along with his birthday mail!


Here's A turning 5 when we had just moved to Colorado (feels like yesterday). 

Adrian's solo singing performance when he was just 5. 

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Aunt Mikki said...

You always make their celebrations fun. Such a good mommy! Glad A had a fabulous birthday!