Sunday, October 19, 2014


Experiencing Boulder.

It's been a CrAzY, busy past three months. John and his partner Ed applied for Techstars (a startup accelerator program in Boulder) in hopes of getting their company Expensebot on board. They were very fortunate to be chosen along with 12 other companies to participate in the Techstars program this past quarter. John and Ed moved to Boulder for this 3 month period that started in mid July. They worked around the clock utilizing this opportunity to the fullest.

The 3 months has now ended and John is HOME!! We're extremely happy to have him back full time!

It was a long 3 months without dad. Only being able to see him for a day or two on the weekends. Occasionally, when Ed would fly home a couple times a month to visit his wife Anna in Ohio, I would take the kids up for the weekend. It was a great way to experience Boulder and do some fun things with the family. Sort of a mini vacation, just an hour away. And a couple times my mom was kind enough to stay at our house with all of the kids so I could go up solo. Ask any parent... that right there is an amazing treat. We love our children... but the chance to have some uninterrupted adult time, dinner and a movie is so special and never taken for granted.

Adrian has it down. He's been around me taking so many pictures, he's got a pose for everything :) No matter what he's doing, he can always strike it! 

On the bucket list. A bar on wheels just looks fun!

One of these each year... a couples photo. Nice clothes on and everything :) Taken by Adrian.


Boulder Creek.

Hence John is drenched from his run.

Under the bridge.

Amazing subs. SNARFS!

We walked a lot and P got tired. 

An adult dinner. We hit up some little Italian place called Il Pastaio. Hands down the best Italian restaurant I've ever been to. Boulder has some great restaurants, unique and always good. This was such a tiny, cute little place. We didn't have reservations so John and I opted to sit at this tiny bar for two. The cooks were shouting in Italian and they had amazing red wine. It felt so authentic :)

Gnocchi to die for.  

Preston eating some Mexican.

The kids loved the Boulder Creek.

This is what happens with this little guy. I chase him everywhere! It was a bit concerning when bikers would come down the trail. We didn't want him to get run over.

A pirate parade.

We gave the boys each a dollar so they could pick their favorite street entertainment and tip them.

Posing around town.

Our last hurrah in Boulder I took the 3 older boys up for the weekend. It was sunny, 80 degrees and the perfect weekend night to have dinner at a Mexican rooftop restaurant. Maybe it's because the boys are getting older, or maybe the stars were aligned that night, but it was a fantastic night out with them. Obviously, not every night out with multiple kids in tow can be smooth sailing or go off without a hitch. Anyone who has taken kids out to eat knows what I'm talking about. It's like a hit or miss thing with restaurants and kids (or at least with ours). But for some reason this night was perfect. I didn't even prepare for it at all. I didn't have any activities planned or devices for them to use in case of a long wait. Just 3 crayons in my purse and they drew on their menus and rotated crayons beautifully. No one fought, cried or complained that we sat there for over 2 hours while mom and dad enjoyed this moment of dining bliss!!! 

Half way through the night. An older couple that had been waiting on a table for some time, walked up to the boys and told them how great they were behaving and gave us the kindest compliment :) It's small things like that...  it just meant a lot.

It was awesome to run and bike on trails with this view. 

and this view ;) 

We'll definitely be back.

until next time Boulder....


Grace said...

Busy months indeed but how fun. And your little one running ahead of you on the trail, I can totally relate to that.

Aunt Mikki said...

I know you are glad to have John home, but....Boulder is the greatest. Been there once, and always remember how wonderful it is there! And the boys....beautiful as always!!!