Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ohio or Bust IIII - Port Clinton

Our first visit to sand, a beach and a giant body of water, with the whole family. When we lived by the beach in Florida... Adrian was too little to remember. So, this was all new to our crew.

And of course, they loved it! 

Here's a giant overload of our weekend getaway before leaving for Colorado. 
(I took 1000 pics and narrowed it to 30 for this post, it was hard)

Happy, happy, happy and soaked. We'd been at the beach for about all of 2 minutes.

The peaceful view.

The first night was very windy but the kids were determined to watch the sunset with Uncle Jeff.

We had a date night and hit up some club in Port Clinton. We hadn't been somewhere to dance like that in years!! It was a blast! They had a very cool band that covered some great songs. We felt/acted like we were about 25 year old that night. Then the morning came and well... not so much.

Thrift shopping in Port Clinton. Poppin tags.

The boys were wearing their great grandma out. 

And the beach was wearing Kellen out. He slept one morning until 10am. That never happens. He was smack in the middle of the living room and we had breakfast, watched cartoons, chatted away, and he slept right through it all.

The kayak was a HUGE hit! The adults rotated and spent most of the day taking turns with the kids... out n back, out n back, over and over. For like... 8 hours... straight :)

Mason's favorite place to be!!

Relaxing. Ohmmmm.

Done relaxing.


Adrian and his castle creation... that might need a bra?!? :)

A mini photo shoot with Mason... while he ate sand.

And then smeared it in his eyes.

Chillin and tanning his white under arms.

The sand bar went out so far. It was cool to be able to walk out with the kids.

Famous Amos gettin her paddle on.

The peace sign is such a popular pose for our boys these days. It's great!


Kellen :) his mischievous smile is awesome.

Every man for themselves.

Amy couldn't fill Mason's squirt gun fast enough. Every 15 seconds.

It was a great weekend and a great way to end our 21 day journey! 


Then-- we headed home.

Same deal as on the way to Ohio... hotels, blow up mattress, hotel pools, lot's of driving, me hunched over walking through the back of the van acting as an underpaid stewardess.

We did hit up a couple nice rest stops to run around around at.

Mason totally looks like he's holding that big blue trash can. He's a beast!

And then we safely made it back to Colorado. Missing our family but cherishing the great time and memories we created from our time spent with everyone! And enjoying the million pictures we took.

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Grace said...

fun trip. you made me lol on your son's sand creation.
road trips are exciting when you're first on your way but it can be quite challenging driving back home.