Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kellen turned 5

Last month our extrovert, boisterous, chatty little man Kellen, turned 5! 
So now he's 5 going on about 25 :)

He had plenty of help blowing out his candles.

Peace signs... still... always. Bro. Broski. 

Adrian was excited to give him the birthday card that he made. 

We started Kellen's birthday with a brunch date to Snooze. A-MAZING breakfast food. It's sometimes a 1-2 hour wait. It's so worth it!

John and his breakfast burrito made for 3.

Then we headed to the place that Kellen picked to spend his special day.... 
Heritage Square Amusement Park.

The banana was his favorite ride. 

Kellen was pumped to ride the water boats. We could only take one child each, so Adrian volunteered to sit out and be the photographer. Very mature of him.

I was proud of Adrian's photog skillz...

And the ferris wheel photo bomb from the water boat guy. He was playing with Adrian and posing while he was snapping pics. It was cute.

Adrian really wanted to try out the zip line that went across the giant lake. So off we went and it was so much fun! First time for both of us.

High fives. Success. 

Who doesn't belong?

Kellen stood John up. They had a deal that Kellen would ride if John road with him. They went to get on the coaster and Kellen got scared and took off running back to me. John was already on the coaster ready to roll :) ha! Solo....

The alpine slide was up next. 

Kellen was just too uncertain about going on it. He said maybe next time. So we watched John and Preston go. And then Adrian got to go by himself since he's 7. All the way to the top on the ski lift and then down the concrete slide. It took them like 5-7 minutes to make it back down. It's quite a ride!

peace out.

It was a successful birthday celebration and we soaked up all the quality time that day with our 3 older boys :) 

Mason stayed behind since I can't get him to stay in one place yet for more than 30 seconds :) I'm terrified of losing him in crowds still!!

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