Saturday, August 30, 2014

School is in session!

School-- gosh, it seems to have come upon us so fast this year. I think it had something to do with us being gone for what seemed like half of the summer with our Ohio trip.

I can't believe we have a kindergartener, a first grader and a second grader this year. And at home... we still have a busy body toddler that finally gets to have some one on one time with his mom, at least for the mornings.

A quick pic before heading out for our first day! Each kid seems to be going through this "half smile" phase that Adrian started last year. Bizarre. Makes me laugh. It's Kellen's turn.

 Adrian was sooooo soooo ready to get back to school!

Preston and a buddy waiting for the first bell.

Kellen's first assignment. Connect the dots.

How little man and I spend the early part of our mornings now. 

Grocery shopping. Yes, he still runs pretty much everywhere. I don't see that changing anytime soon!

We hit up the gym. And take some time to smell the flowers first. 

We're finished with week 3 of school already. Wow! 


Since school has started things have gotten a bit busier around here. Two of three kiddos keep asking every morning...."do we have to go again". Yes boys, just until your 18 :) Kellen only attends morning kindergarten. He's still trying to get the groove of going daily which is a big change from preschool. Preston has adjusted to full days rather well. And Adrian just loves school!

Our mornings are rather crazy right now. I've been incorporating new ideas in order to get our mornings running more smoothly. They are working, sort of?!? It's currently a trial and error process. 

Right now mornings go as such:
I usually get up before the kids. 6:30ish.
Chill for 2 minutes. Breath. (that's an important one)
Unload and load dishes. (my least favorite thing to do)
Pack snacks, pack lunches, fill water bottles. Make sure all book bags have the right library books/homework etc. in them. By this time the kids are up and fighting over legos already. 
I ask them to get dressed about 12x. They finally do it.
I ask them to brush their teeth 15x. They finally do it. 
We eat breakfast and talk about what a great day we'll have.
They go back to playing and fighting over legos. 
I threaten to make all the legos disappear if they don't get their shoes on :)
I ask them 14x to get their shoes on. What was I thinking buying 3 pairs of tie shoes for boys that can't tie their shoes?!?! I must have not had coffee that day or fell and hit my head. But Adrian is close, we're usually in such a rush that I need to do it faster than he can. I can whip up a super fast double knot. The kids blink and I'm done.
We leave with -5 minutes to spare. Make it to the car lane drop off which has changed my life forever! I LOVE that lane. Being able to drop off the kids and then pick them up in this magical car lane is just the best. In the afternoon I get there early so I get a spot up front for pick up, it gives me about 20 minutes of chill time and I bond with my Iphone, catch up on email, Instagram and Ebay :) It's great!!

However, I do miss saying hi, chatting and bonding with the other school moms for 5 minutes in the morning or afternoon, but Mason doesn't really allow too much of that since I'm usually chasing him around the school parameters most of the time. So this magical drop off/pick up lane has just been such a game changer in my world with children. 

Our schedule and life has changed considerably lately. We're now squeezing in homework, bedtime reading, online reading and still trying to maintain some all important social and fun time. I feel like our evenings are flying by!! I blink 3x and then it's bedtime already. 

A wise grandma saw me at the grocery store the other day having a grand time chasing Mason... She whispered to me "Life with kids... the days are long and the years are short" She was wise and so very correct!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Zoo


Once a year. It'll be time to try a new zoo location next year.

This turtle... he was huge! Way larger than the picture depicts it.

I love the opportunity to take shortest to tallest pics. Our stair stepped little men. 

Snakes give me the hibigebies. But of course the boys are into them ;-/

The party taxi. I can see it now.

The thought of Adrian driving causes me to have heart palpitations. And then with his 3 brothers as passengers... I shutter to think the day will be here sooner than I'd like. Oy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kellen turned 5

Last month our extrovert, boisterous, chatty little man Kellen, turned 5! 
So now he's 5 going on about 25 :)

He had plenty of help blowing out his candles.

Peace signs... still... always. Bro. Broski. 

Adrian was excited to give him the birthday card that he made. 

We started Kellen's birthday with a brunch date to Snooze. A-MAZING breakfast food. It's sometimes a 1-2 hour wait. It's so worth it!

John and his breakfast burrito made for 3.

Then we headed to the place that Kellen picked to spend his special day.... 
Heritage Square Amusement Park.

The banana was his favorite ride. 

Kellen was pumped to ride the water boats. We could only take one child each, so Adrian volunteered to sit out and be the photographer. Very mature of him.

I was proud of Adrian's photog skillz...

And the ferris wheel photo bomb from the water boat guy. He was playing with Adrian and posing while he was snapping pics. It was cute.

Adrian really wanted to try out the zip line that went across the giant lake. So off we went and it was so much fun! First time for both of us.

High fives. Success. 

Who doesn't belong?

Kellen stood John up. They had a deal that Kellen would ride if John road with him. They went to get on the coaster and Kellen got scared and took off running back to me. John was already on the coaster ready to roll :) ha! Solo....

The alpine slide was up next. 

Kellen was just too uncertain about going on it. He said maybe next time. So we watched John and Preston go. And then Adrian got to go by himself since he's 7. All the way to the top on the ski lift and then down the concrete slide. It took them like 5-7 minutes to make it back down. It's quite a ride!

peace out.

It was a successful birthday celebration and we soaked up all the quality time that day with our 3 older boys :) 

Mason stayed behind since I can't get him to stay in one place yet for more than 30 seconds :) I'm terrified of losing him in crowds still!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ohio or Bust IIII - Port Clinton

Our first visit to sand, a beach and a giant body of water, with the whole family. When we lived by the beach in Florida... Adrian was too little to remember. So, this was all new to our crew.

And of course, they loved it! 

Here's a giant overload of our weekend getaway before leaving for Colorado. 
(I took 1000 pics and narrowed it to 30 for this post, it was hard)

Happy, happy, happy and soaked. We'd been at the beach for about all of 2 minutes.

The peaceful view.

The first night was very windy but the kids were determined to watch the sunset with Uncle Jeff.

We had a date night and hit up some club in Port Clinton. We hadn't been somewhere to dance like that in years!! It was a blast! They had a very cool band that covered some great songs. We felt/acted like we were about 25 year old that night. Then the morning came and well... not so much.

Thrift shopping in Port Clinton. Poppin tags.

The boys were wearing their great grandma out. 

And the beach was wearing Kellen out. He slept one morning until 10am. That never happens. He was smack in the middle of the living room and we had breakfast, watched cartoons, chatted away, and he slept right through it all.

The kayak was a HUGE hit! The adults rotated and spent most of the day taking turns with the kids... out n back, out n back, over and over. For like... 8 hours... straight :)

Mason's favorite place to be!!

Relaxing. Ohmmmm.

Done relaxing.


Adrian and his castle creation... that might need a bra?!? :)

A mini photo shoot with Mason... while he ate sand.

And then smeared it in his eyes.

Chillin and tanning his white under arms.

The sand bar went out so far. It was cool to be able to walk out with the kids.

Famous Amos gettin her paddle on.

The peace sign is such a popular pose for our boys these days. It's great!


Kellen :) his mischievous smile is awesome.

Every man for themselves.

Amy couldn't fill Mason's squirt gun fast enough. Every 15 seconds.

It was a great weekend and a great way to end our 21 day journey! 


Then-- we headed home.

Same deal as on the way to Ohio... hotels, blow up mattress, hotel pools, lot's of driving, me hunched over walking through the back of the van acting as an underpaid stewardess.

We did hit up a couple nice rest stops to run around around at.

Mason totally looks like he's holding that big blue trash can. He's a beast!

And then we safely made it back to Colorado. Missing our family but cherishing the great time and memories we created from our time spent with everyone! And enjoying the million pictures we took.