Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ohio or Bust III - The second leg

Week #2 and we headed to Woo town, my roots. Just an hour from where John grew up. We unpacked and made ourselves at home with my aunt Amy and uncle Jeff for this leg of our trip.

Adrian wrote his first book this summer and couldn't wait to read it to great grandma Julia. The book is titled "The Crazy Family" :) Definitely not ours though. In his book the parents had 8 or 9 kids in it. I love seeing him use his imagination in such a great way.

We babysat Keno so Amy and Jeff could go to a birthday party.

Kellen and Keno = BFF's

It was my turn to sneak out for a mini reunion with these lovely ladies! A way overdue girls night out. Lot's of laughs, wine and good food. (besides the Taco Bell I made John get us when he picked us up way later that night :) Ewwww.

We had to have a toast at the old stomping grounds. And I was pulling some weird contortionist move here. I have no clue why. #backwardslegs

We met up with our very dear friend Courtney (Adrian's first preschool teacher 4 years ago, she's amazing!). We had lunch and some fun at the park. 

And then we met up with Stacy and her boys at another park. I'm pretty sure we hit up every park in Woo town!?!?

Mason was very interested in Owen.

We had a lovely dinner at my aunt Mikki and uncle Tom's. 

Tom broke out his mini vintage guitar for the boys to jam on. 

They loved it!

Snooping around.

Aunt Mikki took Adrian golfing one afternoon. She said he was a natural. It was his first time and he really, really enjoyed it! 

She said when he hung out at the clubhouse he introduced himself to everyone and then told them all how nice it was to meet them. Makes a mom happy when you hear these good things being said about the children your raising. A feel good moment!

We spent an afternoon at my dads house. The back yard that I grew up in. The giant yard (field), the many acres of woods. The creek in the back and the trails we used to ride our four wheelers on. It was a breath of fresh air. The boys loved being able to run all over the place and have so much freedom.

I can see it now. Adrian with his license, tooling around town with his younger brothers.

Pa's mule was very entertaining.

Touring the old trails in the woods.

Visiting our old pet cemetery.... spooky. We had so many animals growing up.

When I was little, the neighbor boy and I used to catch crayfish and make damns so they had big pools to live in. I spent half of my childhood in this woods and I was so lucky to do so!

Learning how to count the rings on a tree. 


Lunch with my dad, great grandma Angie, aunt Shirley, uncle Robert and aunt Angel.

Mason loved the horse.

Pa-- getting a taste of what it's like to chase the "live wire" aka Mason all over the place. We had acres and acres of land and yard for him to run in... but yet he still finds the need to run to the neighbors house?!? And all the places he shouldn't be.

Everything's a game when your two.

Uncle Rob practicing baseball with Adrian.

Off to the woods.

Angel brought some barn kitties to play. And NO we didn't take one home :)

Tackling "Pa"

Great grandma Julia cooked us a great spaghetti dinner at her place one evening.

We worked on getting some family photos. A photo with grandma a couple years back.

Rotating peeps.

Then we just goofed off while we let Adrian snap about 50 pictures of us as he pretended to be a professional photographer :) saying... "pose" "pose" now "cheese it"!! 

I think we vogued it well.

Lounging in the morning and pretending to be on a train, then pretending uncle Jeff was a roller coaster.

Just one more leg to go of our 3 week trip. To be continued......

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