Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ohio or Bust - I

Road Trippin.

The day after the boys got out of school we packed the van and headed to Ohio for an over due trip back home to visit all of our loved ones. We took three weeks to travel, visit John's family, my family, some friends and then we finished our journey with a relaxing trip to Port Clinton. 

The boys were beyond excited to go on a road trip. They slept, drew pictures, looked at books, watched movies and played Nintendo (yes, ollllld school Nintendo).

I brought a magazine and a couple books to read. I'm not sure why? I spent 80% of my time hunched over in the back, changing DVD's, switching out electronics, getting snacks/drinks, holding a pee jar, and digging through our bag of entertainment goods for the kids. I was whooped! I think we'll save up and fly the next time!

He was such an angel when he slept :) He really did very well for how long this road trip was!!

Thank goodness for blow up mattresses. Next time we will have out grown getting just one room.

It was great being able to let the kids burn some energy at the hotel pool.

A Mexican restaurant in South Bend. 

Mason's typical look the last hour of a full days drive. Poor Mason.

Our after pool burrito baby. 

It was clutch having Sirius to listen to. We had our splitter and ear buds since most of it wasn't child appropriate.... Oh' but such a blast from the past!!! Wayyy past!



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