Saturday, July 5, 2014

Last Day of School and Field Day

2 months later... :)

We love our school, our neighborhood and are so thankful to have such amazing friends and teachers surrounding our children!! We are lucky and grateful! Gosh, I get all sappy just thinking about it.

Looking back just 2 years ago when we had 2 preschoolers and just a kindergartener.

And even crazier... just 3 years ago when we had just 2 preschoolers. Since Preston's in the middle he's been able to go to preschool with Adrian and then with Kellen. 

Adrian always does the choke hold for pics... lol.

The little ones... walking the bigger ones up to school. 

The morning of grad day.

Field day fun.

Popsicle break.

Oh boy did Mason love this activity! Then he got in the way... he kept running underneath of the parachute when he wasn't supposed to. I had to keep running underneath chasing him and apologizing loudly to all the kids and teachers around. It only happened about 8x. 

Somebody wore themselves out. Thank goodness :)
Happy napping sweet baby.

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