Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kindie Graduation - Go Preston!

It's official... (back in May)

This coming year we'll have ourselves a kindergartener, first grader and a second grader. It's hard to believe! And then after Mason turns 3 in the New Year he'll be starting pre-school. 

Duhhh, dunt, dunt, dunt... duuunt... duuunt... (now sing that grad song)

Getting his kindergarten diploma from one of our favorite teachers Mrs. McKellar. She'll have Kellen this year for kindergarten which will be her 3rd Siladie Boy, 3 years in a row :) then she'll get a 2 year break from us and then get her 4th Siladie Boy... Mason! 

And "Ohhh my" the variety she's getting.

He only yawned about 15x during the 40 minute ceremony.

He was very proud!

Nana came!!

A 2/3 family pic.

Squint much? 
In John's defense... the sun was right behind the camera and bright. He tried... so hard, to open his eyes :)

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