Saturday, May 3, 2014

Monkeying Around with Preston

Our sweet little Preston turned 6! 
(almost 2 months ago :)

Preston... our sweet, kind, gentle, reserved little man. He's not the kind of child that would step on an ant and his not your typical boisterous boy. He's quiet, shy and a relatively chill child. Except for when he's at home fighting with his brothers :) We needed his chill personality to join our family!! Having four boys... we've definitely covered all personality bases. I can't imagine if they were all the same. 

Preston's an amazing big brother! A kind hearted little soul. We are so grateful! He balances our loud house.

So given his reserved demeanor most times... we were surprised he asked to have a BIG birthday party this year. Normally we're pretty laid back with parties and the kids get a couple of their best buddies together and go do something fun or have a big play date to celebrate the day. This year Preston wanted to invite his whole class to go to Monkey Business and have a special day of fun! It's nice that he's coming out of his shell a little bit. It's hard to believe we have a shy guy in the family with 4 boys who are usually pretty loud and obnoxious (in a good way :) 

My neighbor gave me this awesome idea... melting crayons to produce some cool, colorful party favors.

Pre-party. Waiting. Picture taking.

Of course Adrian would go head first... Our young adrenaline junky.

Adrian the spider monkey.

Preston was having such a great time!!

John and the gang. 

I couldn't stop laughing at this picture of Viv and Kellen! It's sooooo their relationship. They are both pouty toddlers and bicker back and forth often. So what does an aunt/mom do... make them share a seat  of course :) 

Brotherly love melts a moms heart.

Showing mommy his $ from a birthday card :) 

He was so grateful to have so many presents to open. He opened each one slowly (rare for a 6 year old) and spent a couple minutes checking them out before moving on to the next. He was making this moment last as long as possible :) Smart boy!

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