Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Runnin' of the Green 7k & Some Football

John and I try to do one, maybe two fit activities per year as a couple. Switching it out with our date nights (cough, cough... the ones that never really happen often :) with a fun and sometimes competitive activity together.

Last year (or some year) it was the Colfax 5k and then the July 4th 5k and then the Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle course (so -- so -- so dirty!!!). This year so far it's been the Runnin' of the Green Lucky 7k in downtown Denver for St. Patties. And our good friend/neighbor Nate joined us too. I loved that it was partially downtown, it was different and neat to look at the buildings. A ton of people were there participating... that always makes me try a little harder :) which is nice. And lot's of free swag and stuff! Always a plus!

We got there too early... hence, no one on the streets yet. 
I can't believe myself.... four kids later and this was my first time attempting tie-dye shirts!? John was thrilled :) I think they turned out swell. And I got a couple compliments on mine.

An hour later... and I almost lost John and Nate it was so packed.

 Multitasking. Pics on the go.

The best part. The End! 
#beer #notgreenbeer

Stole this idea from a friend. The kids thought a naughty Leprechaun visited them in the night and peed green in their toilet. 


Now for some Flag Football.

John's been dreaming of the day one of his sons wants to play football. The time is here. Kellen has been playing flag football now for over 5 weeks and he likes it... but he's just not that "into" it :) He's 4 and most of the 4 year olds I've seen playing are either messing around on the side lines or goofing off on the field while the 5 year olds are winning the game for their team. And that's okay. Kellen is getting some playing time, and he pulled a flag (of the opposing team even, yeah!!) and he will most likely be much more interested next year. 

Kellen and the other 4 year olds strategizing about the intense game... aka having a kicking fight and not paying attention to anything but feet.

Kellen..... with---the---ball!!!

Kellen as he walks by his coach Christine. It's funny, his coach thought she was volunteering to bring snacks or help organize team "stuff" and then they popped the news that she was actually volunteering to be a coach - Surprise! She's done a great job! The team is 4-2, I think.

I captured some amazing football "action" shots.


Off topic.

It snowed like 6 maybe 8 inches the other day. I'm serious. It's possible to see 4 seasons in week here in Colorado. I would still take our winters here over the midwest/east snow. It's pretty much all melted and will be 65 tomorrow and then our "real" summer begins. The power of the Colorado sun! 

He loved it! Eating it, that is.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Monkeying Around with Preston

Our sweet little Preston turned 6! 
(almost 2 months ago :)

Preston... our sweet, kind, gentle, reserved little man. He's not the kind of child that would step on an ant and his not your typical boisterous boy. He's quiet, shy and a relatively chill child. Except for when he's at home fighting with his brothers :) We needed his chill personality to join our family!! Having four boys... we've definitely covered all personality bases. I can't imagine if they were all the same. 

Preston's an amazing big brother! A kind hearted little soul. We are so grateful! He balances our loud house.

So given his reserved demeanor most times... we were surprised he asked to have a BIG birthday party this year. Normally we're pretty laid back with parties and the kids get a couple of their best buddies together and go do something fun or have a big play date to celebrate the day. This year Preston wanted to invite his whole class to go to Monkey Business and have a special day of fun! It's nice that he's coming out of his shell a little bit. It's hard to believe we have a shy guy in the family with 4 boys who are usually pretty loud and obnoxious (in a good way :) 

My neighbor gave me this awesome idea... melting crayons to produce some cool, colorful party favors.

Pre-party. Waiting. Picture taking.

Of course Adrian would go head first... Our young adrenaline junky.

Adrian the spider monkey.

Preston was having such a great time!!

John and the gang. 

I couldn't stop laughing at this picture of Viv and Kellen! It's sooooo their relationship. They are both pouty toddlers and bicker back and forth often. So what does an aunt/mom do... make them share a seat  of course :) 

Brotherly love melts a moms heart.

Showing mommy his $ from a birthday card :) 

He was so grateful to have so many presents to open. He opened each one slowly (rare for a 6 year old) and spent a couple minutes checking them out before moving on to the next. He was making this moment last as long as possible :) Smart boy!