Thursday, April 10, 2014

Museum of Nature and Science

Last month we took our four boys to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I remember going to one similar in Cleveland when I was little. I loved things like that as a child. The boys were SO excited and had a ton of fun learning and exploring.

Adrian getting his head bitten by a bony dino.

Adrian's new "half smile"
He says (he thinks) it looks cooler than his "regular" smile. 

Um, I think not.
Love, Mom

Little sponges.

Mason was a bit of a wild monkey at this place. But, he's learning, and getting older... AND it's getting a tiny bit easier to take him on these out and about adventures. I still bribe him... A LOT. With suckers, snacks, the IPAD, whatever I can reach at the time.

Pretending to be astronauts.

The backgrounds and scenery of the countries we visited were awesome. It almost looked like the real deal! The animals were stuffed amazingly :-/  
It looks like a giant picture here, but it's actually very deep (maybe 10 yards deep) and in person, it looks like your looking out into a real setting.

My boys. And the largest walrus we've ever seen.

Mason stared at this bear for quite a long time.

Head first, every time. No matter where, what slide, or how big, small, tall or windy. This child has no fear. That's scary! for a mom.


Mikki said...

Get used to the 1/2 smile...Gene still does it!

Grace said...

what a fun outing!I love museums too. Riley is just as fearless as your littlest one. Scary as heck for sure.