Thursday, April 10, 2014

Museum of Nature and Science

Last month we took our four boys to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I remember going to one similar in Cleveland when I was little. I loved things like that as a child. The boys were SO excited and had a ton of fun learning and exploring.

Adrian getting his head bitten by a bony dino.

Adrian's new "half smile"
He says (he thinks) it looks cooler than his "regular" smile. 

Um, I think not.
Love, Mom

Little sponges.

Mason was a bit of a wild monkey at this place. But, he's learning, and getting older... AND it's getting a tiny bit easier to take him on these out and about adventures. I still bribe him... A LOT. With suckers, snacks, the IPAD, whatever I can reach at the time.

Pretending to be astronauts.

The backgrounds and scenery of the countries we visited were awesome. It almost looked like the real deal! The animals were stuffed amazingly :-/  
It looks like a giant picture here, but it's actually very deep (maybe 10 yards deep) and in person, it looks like your looking out into a real setting.

My boys. And the largest walrus we've ever seen.

Mason stared at this bear for quite a long time.

Head first, every time. No matter where, what slide, or how big, small, tall or windy. This child has no fear. That's scary! for a mom.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Valentine's XOXO

Catching up.

Not at all shocking that I'm so behind on our blog. I plan on catching up, like soon :)
It may not look like it since I haven't been doing a good job on the regular... but I really do enjoy it!! I LOVE looking back at all the pictures and things we did. It allows me to take it all in again and again and relive some of our experiences and moments. That's pretty priceless and worth the time effort I put into taking a million pictures and then putting them on our family blog. 

First I'll start with V-Day, Valentines... (just 2 short months ago :) The day of love, hugs and kisses. This super sweet (literally) Hallmark holiday and probably the most expensive for most men :) I'm low maintenance, therefore John is a lucky man! 

I can't say the boys were all that into it. They are little boys and all the red, pink and hearts isn't really their "thing" per say. But they sure were excited for their classroom partay's :) Candy, games and crafts, who wouldn't be!?

As a member of the party planning committee for Adrian's class, I too was a little excited to get pinning some ideas. I can't believe we all had to use our brains to think of our own ideas before Pinterest :) No, but sometimes I can come with some random "original" ideas that actually don't suck, much :)

Credit to Pinterest. Introducing the Marshmallow Pop. The Cake Pop's cheaper and WAY easier alternative.

Warm water dip.

Colored pipe cleaners cut in half and tied into cute little hearts (my added personal touch).

And bam! You have 30 pops that cost less than $8 to make.

I painted up this little ditty from my very own creative imagination. A cupid's arrow game that you can take a straw and shoot a Q-tip through the holes in the hearts. Easy and fun. 

This poor cupid went through many transformations. John kept making fun of him. He looked like a grumpy old man, then he looked like a creepy man and then he sort of looked more normal... I guess, for a cartoon character, maybe. Well, at least not so scary. I was going for the big cute baby cupid look. Sorta fail.

And so the parties begin.

Kellen's so lucky. He gets to attend most of these older kid parties, since he's the younger sib. He'll probably be sick of them by the time his actual class parties come around.

Could Kellen get any closer to that 1st grade girl?? He has already professed to me that "girls are my thing, mom" OMGoodness, I'm so serious, he really said that!! 

Adrian said Lego's are "his thing", Preston said art is "his thing" so of course Kellen would say girls are his. T-R-O-U-B-L-E (I think)!!

John got the pleasure of attending P's party. He loves being one of (possibly, sometimes) two guys at these sort of events. Not really.


Love captured.

Twins, just five years apart.

He looks up to ALL of his big bros.

Adrian's been given the job of reading to his brothers a couple nights a week. John's working like crazy right now! Adrian's his "fill in" :) His brothers love that he can read to them. And it's a huge relief so I can read and do bedtime with Mason, which sometimes takes me more than 30 minutes. He's stubborn!

Puzzles with Nana.

John's such a good sport. I doubt that painting is top on his list of fun activities to do with the boys. 

I think he was sort of getting into it?!? He paints an amazing green Hulk.

My big/little artist's.

Just 2 months ago and Mason looked so much smaller! He gets super excited when the boys play memory. Or any game for that matter.

The best keepsake! He left the room after he asked me how to spell "kisses" and came back with this. So kind and incredibly sweet this boy is! 

Lunchbox notes. He'll ask me to stop one day.

Preston's evening art class.

A V-day candy box for mom. He's such a great artist.

He loves his new mini aviators. They complete his Police get-up.

Things I love.... crafts that turn out cuter than I thought they would. However, I tried to put this "springy" wreath up in February, then it snowed and just looked silly with all the white stuff around it. The first official day of Spring I put it back up. And I'm obsessed with these 3 colors and chevron!

I especially LOVE that I can take our 3 older boys to the dentist and have them all get cleanings at the same time! How convenient!! When you have multiple kids, this is like a super bonus for making life a little easier. Small things. Yes indeed!