Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snowboarding 101 - It's a family affair.

A family that plays together, stays together :)

John has wanted to move to Colorado ever since he took a Vail snowboarding trip way back in 2005. It was an inevitable move we would make almost 6 years after that trip. 

Adrian, our little shredder. His first time on the mountain, doing his thing... and doing it pretty well I might add.

John thought it would be a good idea for Adrian and I to learn together. Well, sort of... Adrian had a 'real' instructor and I had John teaching me. He was patient with me and it worked out pretty well. 

Very soon Adrian will definitely surpass his mama. He loved it and caught on quickly. The beauty of young children learning something new... No Fear! 

Giving my wrists and butt a break from falling.
I should totally wear wrist guards next time. And a tail bone protector!

We picked a Thursday to go up. It was perfect (besides the fact it was only about 5 degrees... I mean really 25 degrees would have been my ideal :) but it was nice and quiet and I didn't have to worry about running someone over since I didn't know how to stop all that well. 

Darth Vader 

Adrian and his instructor heading down. No traffic.

It was low visibility at times as the snow was blowing and was getting colder. 
Being dressed properly was key to us all staying warm in the freezing temps. Adrian's instructor said he was the only kid that didn't complain about being cold. Attaboy. 

We did a couple green runs with Adrian. 

This is what John's been waiting in anticipation for... his little future snowboarders. Adrian will be the first of probably three more coming up the line. Boy dreams!

Adrian solo.

It was so much work just to keep balance and cruise into the line for the lift! The lift operator was a riot. He knew I was a newbie and cheered me on every time came through to ride the lift. 


Next was Kellen's turn for what Adrian started with last year. Going to Copper for the magic carpet ride on the little learning hill. 

And he loved it. Next year we'll probably toss him in a lesson and see how it goes.