Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mason and Welcome 2014

To have a New Year's Day birthday. 

I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing for Mason? I can see it now, when the kids are in college or over 21 celebrating their little brother's birthday AND New Year's. Oh the worries of parents. And I think I don't get much sleep now because of the kids. I doubt I'm ever going to. Maybe when the boys are grown and married?!?! I know what I put mine through and that's what really scares me!

We can't believe our baby is 2! I say this for every birthday that one of our boys has!!! It's sad, it's going so fast.

Poor Mason has been sporting these onesie sleepers that I have cut off. He's going through a streaking phase and I can't keep clothes on him. So a zip up outfit it is! It's solved our stripping problem for now. He won't be winning any best dressed awards.

We have the best babysitter! Ms. Sonya has babysat the boys for almost 2 years now. They love her and she is sweet as can be and doesn't let them get away with anything. And they still love and respect her. New Year's Eve she brought her two high school daughters and husband over to babysit and have a NewYear's celebration with the boys while John and I went out. 

Her very artistic daughter painted the boys these shirts and bought them masks and stashes. How unbelievably thoughtful!

We rarely do much for New Years, on the account that I was pregnant for most of them or it's just hard to get a babysitter on such a popular party night.

But this year we had a great time with about eight neighborhood couples at a fancy shmacy restaurant. It was great food, great company and a great night.

We busted out the sleds that weekend and hit up the slopes near the elementary school.

Snow gear.


Mikki said...

Glad you are catching up....missed seeing all of you!

tiffany said...

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