Friday, December 20, 2013

Brushing off this dusty old blog

We've just been hustling and bustling getting ready for the holiday and the upcoming winter break. Constructing games and snacks for the boys holiday parties at school this week. Making Christmas cookies, building ginger bread houses, crafting and wrapping gifts. 

I'm so ready for the school break to start so we can slow our roll a bit. We need to relax, wear PJ's all day, not that I don't now half of the time... No shame. I want to lay and cuddle on the couch with the boys and watch 3 or 4 movies in a row all while eating take out for our 3 squares of the day. A relaxing 24 hours with minimal effort sounds mighty nice.

Why think of your own ideas when you can just get them on Pinterest!?!?

It's impossible to find candy corns after November! I had to settle for a nose made of orange gummy stuff. It worked out okay. 

Snowman snowball toss.

Kellen fit right in with A and P's classes. He had so much fun being a big kid at the parties. At one point I when I was busy with the class party Kellen wondered off. We later found him down the hall playing party games with another class. That's so his personality. He just blended right in.

Making Christmas cookies that actually turned out to be edible :) 
I'm not a baker!

Adrian's photography skills are amazing.

My quicky DIY project. 

John yells at me because I thrift (I always like to remind him I could be spending way more at the mall :) So I buy these thrift treasures and then store a bunch of stuff all while knowing I'll find a use for them eventually. 

Just like my 3 frames that I paid $1 each for - a steal! I sprayed 2 of them white. Made a chicken print on my computer (our printer sucks) But I was just playing with it to see if I liked the idea of it. 

Made some more printables to complete the look in some fun colors, tweaked my rooster and paid a couple dollars to print them at Staples. 

And Bam. 
I love the colors it brought into the nook. Just the look I was going for.

Now the nook just needs some cushions for the bench and I need to save up for the white pendant drum light I would like to replace the circle light with. Oh and hem the curtains. First I should learn how to sew :) 

It's slowly coming along how I envisioned. 


Grace said...

I'm not a baker either. I just recently learned how to make sugar cookies while my husband supervised. They came out good but I'm not really a fan of measuring everything. I always eye ball it when I cook and my food always comes out good.

I love the prints and the nook looks awesome! You did a great job with it.

And cuddling on the couch, watching back to back movies and eating take out sounds grand.

Have a great weekend and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Barbara said...

Definitely not a baker either - glad the cookies came out!

yomaida said...

I have been INSANELY busy this year....yet, I did have time to catch up a little on your blog! LOVED, the post about your bestie and the 3 inch black heels comment. :) The pictures in the mountains are great! Happy Holidays!