Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tissue Paper Vases

Getting crafty up in here. This was back when Grandma visited. I got online and pinned and searched for some craft projects and we went with this one. 

Super easy and inexpensive and not too messy (just a little). 

Dollar store vases
Tissue paper
Pipe cleaner
Mod podge
Paint brushes

We cut up all sorts of colorful squares. 

We had jars of Mod Podge craft glue (that dries clear) and we brushed a little glue on our squares to get them to stay on the vases. 

To make the flowers we cut out squares of tissue paper and put our favorite colors together, twisted it in the center and stuck our pipe cleaner around it, twisting tight. Pretty much any way we could to get it to stay on and look like some sort of flower :)


Yes, I'm doing these "slightly" girly projects before the boys get older and don't let me pick their crafts :) We did have our sweet neighbor friend over, she loved the flower idea. The boys did too. But I know that won't last much longer. 

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