Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall, Friends and Family

It was a busy weekend to start off Fall break. We had some great visitors in town-- a blast from my past. Oh, the wonderful history this girl and I have! Chris and I were partners in crime when I lived in Tampa. This was after college but before marriage and babies. We filled up every weekend with something fun and adventurous. If only our matching black Baker's 3 inch strappy heels could talk :) 

Now we are both married to great husbands for over 7 years and have families of our own. We've both moved to two different states since then and hadn't seen each other in almost 5 years. It's so refreshing to know that some things never change. It was as if no time at all had passed us by. We were lucky enough to squeeze in a wonderful girls sushi dinner night out. We laughed until our cheeks hurt and gave our abs a major workout to say the least. I'm pretty sure the two tables on either side of us were slightly annoyed. And for once I didn't care. 

We took them to the spot where we take all of our visitors for their first visit, Daniels Park of course. Pictures don't even do these beautiful fall colors justice. It's absolutely gorgeous right now!

Yes, that's my kid with the leash on. We've had that child leash for 6 years and never used it. I used to make fun of parents that used those things. But with all the high rocks and steep cliffs I was reassured with the leash that we wouldn't be losing Mason.

Looking for bats?

Looking at the Bison.

It was one of those hazy bright days and we were having a rough time keeping our eyes open to smile. 

Adrian and Jackson are just a couple months apart. Chris had Jackson first and got to show me the way. I learned SO much from her, like how to make my own baby food. As a first time mom I had a minimal clue as to what I was doing and the skills she passed onto me were priceless.

Boys are such monkeys.

Such a beautiful family! Chris, Edwin, Jackson and Mary.


And we were so happy to see Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff who made a pit stop on their way home from Vegas. It wasn't nearly long enough but we'll take it!

This was uncle Jeff's favorite spot. Chillin with the kids and making them laugh.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tissue Paper Vases

Getting crafty up in here. This was back when Grandma visited. I got online and pinned and searched for some craft projects and we went with this one. 

Super easy and inexpensive and not too messy (just a little). 

Dollar store vases
Tissue paper
Pipe cleaner
Mod podge
Paint brushes

We cut up all sorts of colorful squares. 

We had jars of Mod Podge craft glue (that dries clear) and we brushed a little glue on our squares to get them to stay on the vases. 

To make the flowers we cut out squares of tissue paper and put our favorite colors together, twisted it in the center and stuck our pipe cleaner around it, twisting tight. Pretty much any way we could to get it to stay on and look like some sort of flower :)


Yes, I'm doing these "slightly" girly projects before the boys get older and don't let me pick their crafts :) We did have our sweet neighbor friend over, she loved the flower idea. The boys did too. But I know that won't last much longer.