Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sayonara Summer!

Dear Summer,

It's been real (real hot!) real fun, real long, and I think we've soaked you up as much as we could and now I'm so ready to say good bye and welcome fall. I love the summer, hot weather and I usually never want summer to end. But... this summer seems to have been really hot the last couple months and it's lasting forever. Now I'm ready for something different, like tall boots, sweaters, hoodies, using our fireplace and watching the kids jump in giant piles of colorful leaves while wearing oversized sweatshirts, then sipping on Ghiradelli hot cocoa. Yes please!

Some of our summer fun.

A perfect overcast 75 degree day at the zoo. We got extremely lucky. About 20 minutes after we left it was sunny and 95 again and oven hot! I can't imagine going to the zoo in the super hot heat with our kids. It would have been one long whine fest of a morning. 

Best view in the zoo :) 
It's actually one of the only ways to keep this little runner contained after he's decided he no long wants to sit in the stroller. Oh, he's exhausting!


A Japanesse taxi.

This peacock was chasing this poor girl. It made for some good entertainment.


The best $4 dollars spent this summer. Dollar store water soakers. 

It's a free for all. 

2 against 1. This ends up in a fight, always!

Preston was channeling his inner gangsta that day :)

Personal mini pool for Mason.


We hit up the Chatfield Botanical Garden's. We totally melted in the 98 degree weather. But it sure was pretty there.

Such and array of expressions :)

I see you two.

He needed a break. Did I mention is was hot as Haiti's?!?


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Grace said...

You guys seem like a lot of fun. Always active. I also can't wait to wear cozy sweaters and stop to get a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks!