Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Bank of the West Commercial

It's here.

We've been waiting to share this special news, just in case we totally sucked it up and they hated us and decided to scratch the commercial or something like that. We didn't want to say much about it until it was complete.

We feel so honored and lucky to have been apart of such a cool experience. I can't think of a more unique way to capture some great memories. 


When we moved to Colorado one of the first things we did was pick out a bank. I remember we looked at so many banks in our area and we settled on "Bank of the West". Moving here from the east, Bank of the West just sounded appropriate for us :) It was fait because less then 2 years later we were lucky to be invited to be in an actual Bank of the West commercial. A real live, legit commercial. We were shocked, excited, shocked, elated, shocked, grateful and very, very honored. #GoWest

So without further ado... here it is, don't blink, it's FAST! 

This will be aired on TV from the midwest all the way to the west coast (where the BOTW operates) from Iowa to Cali. And there should be a youtube link coming soon.


The deets.

Here are a ton of pictures with details of the commercial, the behind the scenes process that took two full days of shooting. All for just 30 seconds. Hard to believe. I can't image how much goes into shooting big movies. 

Scene #1:
We pretty much shut down the yogurt shop to shoot some footage over at Yogurtini around the corner from our house. It was interesting and slightly nerve-wracking shoveling in spoonfuls of frozen yogurt while you know a camera is capturing footage of your sloppy eating habits and the food stuck in your teeth.

Back at the house. Setting up.

Producer Craig taking great care of Mason. It took a village to do this with our big family.

The tallest and best sound guy ever. Ellis aka Picosound.

Filling up the basement.

Scene #2:
Hanging out at Red Rocks.

Director Austin and Creative Cameraman Christian.

John had to go up and down the same hill about 85x. He said it was one hell of a workout.

John being stalked by the Octocopter. He thought that was by far the coolest part of this whole process. 

That's close!

John had to be at Red Rocks at 4:30am. John wore a t-shirt and shorts. Look at what everyone else had on. It was the beginning of May.

Reason #52 why we love the west and Denver. Red Rocks the best place to see a concert or workout or just look at the view.

The agency SF Heat Team.

Dressing the kids was the hard part. Try finding four outfits that have no logos or names on them for boys... Hard! That's why 3 of my boys (John included) had plain grey t-shirts on. When all else fails... 

The whole gang walking back to the cars. I can totally understand now how people that do reality shows and movies can get attached and close with their crew. You spend lot's of time together. It would be like a giant extended family.

They gave Adrian the walky talky so we could communicate with some of the crew - he was in heaven!
Over and out little man.

They shot some footage of chaos, but at the beginning the boys were being WAY TOO well behaved, shocking I know. Of course your kids won't be bad when need them to be :) Then we let Mason crawl on the table and the chaos began. He's good at that. 

Mason just ate beads the whole time. He was in heaven!

The interview portion. Harry asked us about 50+ questions. 

John getting his nose powder. That was definitely a first.

At one point we counted over 20 people in our house. Every room had someone in it on a cell or laptop or prepping something or just waiting for the next part to come.

OH, you want a family picture... Ya good one!

Mason was smiling so hard he looks like someone else's child.

Scene #3:
The pool. We found out about 24 hrs prior that there would be a pool scene. Um ya, totally comfortable right, not really. I immediately got out some self tanner in hopes of tinting my ghost legs 2 shades. It didn't really work.

It looks so sunny outside, the beautiful light beaming in right? It was actually gray and raining and they put one of those GIANT lights outside that blasted in the window. It was very impressive! 

We were in the pool for nearly 2 hours. We were all prunes with purple lips, yearning for a warm towel. 

The pool was nice and quiet at first, then shortly before we wrapped lot's of people showed up. It was a little awkward. Especially when I recognized parents from Adrian's class and a neighbor that looked confused as to what we were doing. Most just commented to one another that we were probably shooting footage for the local Highlands Ranch Rec Center. 

Adrian filming his underwater scene. Since he's the oldest I think he'll remember this the most. He was SO SO into it and loved being around the crew and cameras!! I was by far the happiest for him that he got to be apart of these unique couple of days.



The whole process was very surreal and we're so happy we were able to share this with our children and have these memories to look back on. I've been blogging our life and making family year books for over 5 years now, so to be able to add these pictures, the footage and commercial to our shelf of memories is very dear to me.

Thanks again to Bank of the West, the directors at (The Academy), producer Craig, camera people Christian, assistants, all the people from the advertising agency (SFheat). Everyone was so professional, nice and just fun to be around. We actually wished it would have lasted longer. 

It was certainly an experience we will never forget!! #GoWest

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Oh my god this is so awesome!!!
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