Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ju Ju

My grandma Julia was on a 3 week tour of the midwest visiting all her great grand babies. She set out from OH heading to KS, IA, CO and then back to the O-H. I had to laugh one of the nights Justin brought Viv over and we all "tried" to sit down for a nice quiet (not often in our house) dinner. It was one of those nights when all 5 kids ages 6 and under wanted to talk scream, fight, run around and act totally uncivilized. This is why we rarely have people over for dinner. We can do cocktails and finger foods with friends, no problem, but a sit down dinner is just plain painful sometimes. Thank goodness grandma doesn't mind. After all she's familiar with chaos, she did have 6 kids-- been-there-done-that sort of thing.

Stained glass art projects.

Learning the body functions and parts.

Missed my calling as a graffiti artist?!?


Teaching Mason some first words.

Everyone was practicing some baseball. 

Justin's many years of softball pitching has paid off. Same with John's catching.

Pep talk or scolding? :)

Scott Disick posing for the camera. No, Justin's just got a new hairdo :)

Kids just take the best pictures, right!?!? Their funny and unpredictable expressions.

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