Friday, August 2, 2013

Bring On The Clowns

Happenings from July 4th... better late than never. This blog has taken a low spot on my long list of to-do's unfortunately, hence the lack of posts. It's a juggling act trying to get house projects done like redoing our kitchen cabinets, staining them and adding hardware... Ekkk! I CAN NOT WAIT to show the reveal! I've been completing one small section at a time - so this should be done by 2014ish. Actually, school is just right around the corner so I plan on putting my hinny in over drive and knocking this giant project out fast! But summer time is for the kids and we've been staying busy with our summer bucket list and doing fun things outside the house other than home projects. I love the home projects but the kids on the other hand, not so much. I get it.

Clowns have always freaked me out. Since I was like 4. 

John sporting his 1970's sweatband after running the July 4th 5k right before the parade. It served it's purpose and kept the sweat above the brow. I think it looks pretty cute on him! The kids and our neighbor friends were there to cheer on our husbands at the end of their run.

School is in less than two weeks, we'll be cleaning up the emo, hippy, shag hair a little bit.

Mason, on the table as usual. I've given up on keeping him off of it! We must pick our battles. I've got more important ones on my list :)

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Renee said...

Love it!! Clowns terrify me too (thanks to Steven King!) Really looking forward to your kitchen reveal!! (How are the gardens going??)