Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School We Go

Alleluah for a routine again! 

Seriously tho, the last few weeks of summer was just getting nutty around this house. My lack of routine was totally to blame. I had good intentions at the beginning of summer with our bucket list and reading and writing sessions that we would be practicing. But schedules often get off track after a couple weeks and the kids turned into little wild animals-- things just got out of sorts. 

I'm happy to announce we have almost completed our first week back to the grind and other than me being an unpaid shuttle service 5 days a week back and forth to school to take and pick up for 3 different schedules... preschool (Kellen), Kindergarten (Preston) and 1st grade (Adrian)... all ending at different times :) we are all very happy campers. With all this back-and-forth we are so lucky to live just less than a mile from the school!

Walking my boys to school.

Handsome brotherly love! 
Every time they fight with each other (about 5x a day) I should whip out this pic. 

Hello giant book bags.

Preston was is so shy!! I'm not sure where he gets? Especially coming from such a big family. 
He's just our laid back... shy guy. I think he'll open up and become a tad more outgoing this year now that he's in Kindergarten. 

Not shy! And totally excited to be in 1st grade. Other than he complains that the chairs hurt his back and they sit for too long. He'll get used to it. 

Warming up his handwriting skills.

After a long day at school we can gladly have some Ipad time. Mason in the middle. He's just becoming one of the big boys now. Tear.

Kellen started preschool a couple days after the other boys. I'm a bad mom and forgot to take pics. But his first day of preschool this year looked just like his first day of preschool Last year :) 

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Grace said...

bitter sweet.
wow, driving back and forth to school three different times, YIKES! but has to be done :)

So you're left with the baby? Taking care of one child only is a breeze. Piece of cake, lol.

My kids don't start school until Sept. This new school year is going to be a bit different since my daughter will be attending college in the morning (3 classes) and one class in high school (orchestra). So I will be taking her to school then picking her up 3 hours later then dropping her off at the high school and picking her up an hour later. Not sure how to feel about this. Trying to stay positive though.