Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The graduates...

Well it's official... 

Adrian is now a 1st grader, Preston is a Kindergartener and Kellen will enter his last year of Pre-K in August. And little Mason is cutting himself down from two naps to just one nap. We are all progressing and moving right along on this journey.

A bittersweet day (a couple weeks ago :)... especially for our oldest, young-little man Adrian. There's just something about him graduating Kindergarten that chokes me up. And to think I only get to go through Kindergarten graduation just 3 more times in the next 3 years :) I'm sure I'll cry at all of them.

The teachers put together a wonderful film of the children saying what they wanted to be when they grow up. It was so sweet, Adrian said he wanted to be a farmer. I'm sure that had something to do with us gardening this year. Then when we got home from his graduation he said "mom, I forgot to say that I wanted to also be an adult someday too". Sweet boy!!

I don't ever want to forget these precious and special moments.

Saying goodbye! Teacher's are just special people. I think it would take a lot to be a good one and the emotions that they have to put into it would exhaust me. I respect them and appreciate what they do for our children.

Adrian's teacher Mrs. McKellar is so patient, kind and pretty amazing. We're lucky that Preston will be in her class next year.

Mason was thrilled :) 
Unfortunately, John had a meeting that morning that he just couldn't miss. So it was just the three of us for grad day. I had my Iphone, my camera, diaper bag, a hand full of goldfish, and was holding squirmy Mason while "attempting" to snap 100 pics of Adrian's big day. As soon as I let Mason down he went darting for the stage. And he's fast!!!

And these two sweet (sometimes ornery?!) boys.

The "little boys" aka "the twins" this is now what we call them since everyone thinks they are. Here at their preschool graduation picnic. 

Now we're enjoying a much needed summer break. Relaxing, crafting, swimming, making bucket lists and keeping the boys entertained while trying to get some house projects done in the little spare time we have. Oh, and watching our garden grow! It's getting huge.

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Grace said...

Congrats to your boys. from the little that I know you through your blog and instagram I think you're an awesome mom. I wish I had your energy.
Take care and many blessings to you.