Sunday, June 30, 2013

Duck, Duck... Goose

Look at all those ducks and just one white goose in the whole bunch.
We think it was a goose?

We've got our summer bucket list that we're trying to get thru within the next 6-7 weeks left of summer.

We checked off "go feed the ducks" last weekend. 

Brother... and his daughter, Sister... and her 4 boys. Cute!

I had no idea there would be about 70 ducks at this place. I'm certain every duck from this giant pond swam over to us and was begging to be fed. Note taken for next time: bring more bread! Lots more!

I don't think I tell this handsome guy enough... but he's an amazing father to our children!!!

Heart melt.


I can barely keep up. No exaggeration here, I pull this child off of the dinner table, end tables and counter tops about 100x a day. It's ridiculous. 

Preston is such a kind, gentle and patient big cousin.

And then we went home and I painted toe nails with Vivian. My boys are the absolute best, but they won't let me paint their toenails for some reason?!?! 

Mason was very curious about the whole process and watched every brush stroke.

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