Monday, May 13, 2013


Dad came to visit a couple weeks back and he taught me how to spray paint "correctly" I've been spray painting everything in our house for months, but my technique was not a professional one, so I was told :) And he taught me how to replace door hinges, wash and put together our outdoor lights and he even hung up the neighbors garage lights. Mr. Fix it and an all around handy-neighbor-man kinda guy.

He didn't just work the whole time he visited... we squeezed in some fun too!

The boys were interested in installing new door hinges for about 5 minutes.

Hidey ho neighbor... need some lights put up? I've got the man for the job!

We hit up a couple parks.


It was a fun time and we managed to get some needed work done too. That's a double bonus for me!
Multi tasking = Our Life

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