Sunday, May 5, 2013


Our Cruise to Cozumel.

After we had our fourth child, with out saying it out loud we pretty much knew (or thought) that it would be solely kid friendly vacations and Disney adventures from here on out. But, this wasn't so. A couple weeks ago we managed to squeeze in a last minute 4 day cruise with John's parents. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our kids to death and want to do "almost" everything with them, really!! But having this opportunity, while they are little and won't even remember that we left them and also, while they are not in a bunch of different sports and lots of activities, we managed to make it happen. It was nice to have 5 days away to spend on us! (Thanks to my mom and a little outside help for babysitting and taking on such a HUGE responsibility!) It wouldn't have been possible without that!

Not off to a great start: So the night we were to leave for Tampa the weather was not cooperating-- a majorly delayed flight thanks to the 4th snow season here in CO! Not happy about that. Got in at 3:45 a.m - dragging tail. Then headed to Bushnell, slept for 5 hours then headed an hour and a half back to Tampa in the morning. We were super excited to get on this giant ship, only to find out there was a "suspicious" package on the deck by the boat. Seriously!?! Is this trip going to happen? So then we sat and melted at Channel side (Port of Tampa), ate free Sponge Bob pop-cycles, and drank chlorine/sulfur water for a couple hours before the bomb squad and other important people cleared this "suspicion" box on a skid that had what.... empty wine bottles in it. Oh yes, empty wine bottles were to blame. Hurray, nothing serious! I know it's better to be safe than sorry -- but I would have gotten on regardless because this trip was happening, no matter what! It took days and days of planning/preparation and the logistics for these 5 days to all come together without a hitch.

And so we finally got on the boat! Hurray! We were all pretty happy here!

The view from our balcony was surreal.

His and hers :) This pic looks like we are so close to the water but we were actually 10 floors up. 

We were so relaxed. Rare.

Our photo prop friend.

We had the most amazing, fun dining staff! 

Racing John up the rock wall. He won. Only by 20 seconds tho. Some nice friendly competition between married couples is good and healthy!


Mushy.... and it's one of my favorite pics.

Formal dining night. 

We had such an great time on this trip with John's parents! Sometimes it's hard being so far away from family, but on the flip side the time we do spend together is of more quality and not taken for granted!!

So sweet. 
John and I talk about how we remind each other of his parents in some ways. They've been married for nearly 40 years. What an accomplishment! Putting up with the same person for that long :) True dedication! It's a great goal to have! 

Rolling into Cozumel was beautiful.

The best was renting these scooters to explore the island and take to the beach.
Terri requested a blue scooter with a basket. LOL! And we got these black scooters that were a little questionable and had tailpipes that looked like they could possibly fall off. And the scooter may or may not make it around the island? It was a case of "bate and switch" We got worked. But we didn't break down and made it back safely! 

John's getting a scooter for his birthday.

Very glad we didn't rent segways. Um, I was scared for these poor people.

The view was amazing!!

I wasn't too scared. John was a pretty good driver.

Terri who doesn't drink hardly ever had one too many Corona's :) She was a hoot!

We talked John into snorkeling. 

This ring was awesome. Make by our snorkel guide with just an oxygen bubble he blew out.

Yes, yet another peace sign I thru up there. I do it all the time and don't even realize it. It's my "mom" gang sign :)

Back to Tampa.

We drove by our first apartment together. Where it alllll started. Our tiny and maybe 600sq feet that we paid too much to rent.

But the view was worth it! And we're so glad we got to experience living there before marriage and babies.

And this white lovely-ness is what we returned to at the Denver airport. Boo! But returning to our children that easily grew 3 inches while we were gone was happy-joy!

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