Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Mustache

It's fun to see what you'd like with a Tom Selic, or Fu Manchu stache right!?! 
Aunt Amy knows I love a good creative photo op and brought these sweet mustaches for some fun family pics when they visited.

I totally see a couple Mario's and a couple Charlie Chaplin's in here. 

Takes about 2 seconds to tell that Adrian was in mustache heaven!! Preston and Kellen not so much.

 The boy is obsessed with mustaches! It only embarrasses me when we're out and about and he compliments every mustache wearing man with a "hey, I like your mustache" in his loudest voice none the less. These guys (mostly older) give him this weird and confused look like "did I just get a compliment on my mustache??" fo real? you did dude by a very talkative 6 year old that has a minimal filter and usually says exactly what he's thinking. 

He cracks us up alot!

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