Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blizzard: 2013

School was even cancelled one day last week (cancellations are rare here) in preparation for this big blizzard that was coming our way last week. 

And this what it brought to us. Some snow. A little snow. Nothing like what everyone expected. And that's a good thing. "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best" The most popular saying among the mom crowd.

This trampoline gets used Year-A-Round! 

So 25 minutes of snow gear preparation so they could play in it for about 20 min before they complained of being too cold.

Mason. Always the spectator. Not for long tho lil buddy.

Best part about freezing your little hiney off. Hot Coco! The really good Ghirardelli kind too. 


Climbing all over everything. Always! John thinks we should just pull all the furniture into the middle of the room so he can't climb so much. What an esthetic eye soar that would be. I think I'll just keep pulling him off of everything every 5 minustes. 

Heyoo... I'm headed over to climb on the chairs and dinner table next :)

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Barbara said...

Snow day with hot cocoa is a boy's dream day! It looks like they took full advantage!