Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blizzard: 2013

School was even cancelled one day last week (cancellations are rare here) in preparation for this big blizzard that was coming our way last week. 

And this what it brought to us. Some snow. A little snow. Nothing like what everyone expected. And that's a good thing. "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best" The most popular saying among the mom crowd.

This trampoline gets used Year-A-Round! 

So 25 minutes of snow gear preparation so they could play in it for about 20 min before they complained of being too cold.

Mason. Always the spectator. Not for long tho lil buddy.

Best part about freezing your little hiney off. Hot Coco! The really good Ghirardelli kind too. 


Climbing all over everything. Always! John thinks we should just pull all the furniture into the middle of the room so he can't climb so much. What an esthetic eye soar that would be. I think I'll just keep pulling him off of everything every 5 minustes. 

Heyoo... I'm headed over to climb on the chairs and dinner table next :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

Making eggs.

Mason won't stay off of our table, so we've resorted to turning the chairs around backwards. Now he just stands and stares. Most of the time he's pretty content tho, just watching.

Our little egg factory.

Showing Mason the beautiful colored creations.

This guy is such a stinker right now!! like really! bad! Do not let that sweet smile fool ya.

The Easter bunny aka dad made a little scavenger hunt of clues for the kids to find their baskets. A big hit!

Found em! In the basement next to dads drums.
I'm trying to get creative with giving them more non-sugary Easter treats and surprises. Of course we give them a couple of the must haves... like Cadbury eggs and Peeps. They loved their kites!

TRYING to get a good pic of John and the boys on Easter. Turned out just fantabulous, right!?! 
Mason did not want to cooperate, at all. And John's forcing a smile, gritting his teeth saying "are you really taking this picture still"... But of course dear!! :)

We went to the neighbors for a delicious brunch and an Easter egg hunt. 

Handsome boys!

The boys hid eggs in the yard for Viv to find later that day. Cutie Pie in her Easter dress.

And we planted three trees that day. A peach tree, a plum tree and an apple tree. They will be yummy in years to come! And hopefully save on my fresh produce bill someday too. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Momcation!

A couple months ago I headed to Florida for a very enjoyable mini mommy vacation. I have a great husband for staying home with our 3 youngest kids and giving me this much needed and very appreciated break from the norm. I took Adrian with me and visited my in-law's for a couple days at their snow bird home in "the Nell" FL and left Adrian to do some bonding while I headed to Tampa to visit my great college BFF Jen and her family. Then we packed our bags and headed to St. Pete beach for a girls weekend getaway. We laughed and talked and laughed some more... laughing until we cried and we were so engulfed in reminiscing and girl talk that we wound up driving 2+ hours out of our way and then ran out of gas. No really we did! It was as if we were in college all over again. Great times! A tad embarrassing at this age, but eventful and memorable :) It's special how some friends are more like sister's and no matter how far away or how much time has past since the last visit, you always pick up right where you left off.

We met up with old friends one night and ran into Bill Clinton? looks like him sorta? yah?? no?

I think I might be too old to hang out at a place called the "Freaki Tiki"?!?! However, it was fun and they played lots of old school back flash music from college and it was great to see old friends!

We finally made it to our hotel and the beach.

Our home away from home.

The hotel patio off of our room.

Our toes in the sand and a fruity cocktail in our hand!

A crazy fog storm rolled in out of nowhere.
(that's a very confident or insane paddle boarder braving the elements)

Saying goodbye to the Blosser Boys & Trevor, Jen and my in-laws was very hard. Often times I miss Florida and our FL friends. But not the uber high humidity and the bugs tho :) and new found sink holes. Oh no way!


Back in the "Nell"

Adrian was having so much fun with his grandparents. Adrian loves to play dress-up and these are the only duds that Grandma Honey had at her place :) He cracks us up. I can't believe he was posing like this!

Adrian met a little girlfriend at Weeki Wachee with grandma.

Bushnell is really out in the sticks. Way out! Not exactly what you think of when you imagine Florida. But... very peaceful and serene. It's a great atmosphere for some snowbirds to chill out for the winter. If you want quiet and laid back, this is your place.

Having hot tea and dinner at the airport.

Sending dad some airport bathroom shots :) 

Adrian love, loved the airplane and can't wait to ride on one again. It was so nice being able to enjoy this one on one time with him. He was a fantastic travel partner and he made lots of friends in all of the airport lines.


Meanwhile this is what was going on in CO when Adrian and I were away. John did a fantastic job with our three youngest boys for almost a whole week!

Adrian and I missed a big snow storm. 

And the boys even got baths. All was good!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Mustache

It's fun to see what you'd like with a Tom Selic, or Fu Manchu stache right!?! 
Aunt Amy knows I love a good creative photo op and brought these sweet mustaches for some fun family pics when they visited.

I totally see a couple Mario's and a couple Charlie Chaplin's in here. 

Takes about 2 seconds to tell that Adrian was in mustache heaven!! Preston and Kellen not so much.

 The boy is obsessed with mustaches! It only embarrasses me when we're out and about and he compliments every mustache wearing man with a "hey, I like your mustache" in his loudest voice none the less. These guys (mostly older) give him this weird and confused look like "did I just get a compliment on my mustache??" fo real? you did dude by a very talkative 6 year old that has a minimal filter and usually says exactly what he's thinking. 

He cracks us up alot!