Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to be a perfect parent (or not) - Good stuff

Fellow moms, we can all stop beating ourselves up now :) I loved this and stole it from a gf and just had to share some parts. I'm certain all of us have been there before, feeling inadequate at times or like your not stacking up in the super mom department. You can't DO IT ALL. Really, no one can so don't feel bad. Read, Laugh and then Relax. 

How To Be a Perfect Parent in 5 Easy Steps... or Probably Never.

(taken from here)

A couple of my faves.

1. You Are Always, ALWAYS Doing Something Wrong... So Stop Worrying About It.
In case you DON'T know what you're doing wrong, here's a handy chart.

2. Sleep is an Evil Horcrux. Emphasis on the whore.

"There is literally nothing you will obsess about more in the first year of parenthood than your child's sleep patterns. You will read studies. You will make logs of night wakings only to find in the morning that you accidentally used a lo mein-encrusted chopstick and a DVD case to record this vital information. You will volunteer nap schedules -- without prompting -- to total strangers. I can't stop you from doing this. However, I can tell you that no matter how your child sleeps and how you choose to address it, sleep will suck big scrunchie balls for the first year at least.

5. "If Mama Ain't Happy Ain't Nobody Happy" Sounds Like a Tyler Perry Movie But Is Also Totally True!

"All of the organic, fair-trade, pasture-raised artisanal Play-Doh and 800-count recycled hemp crib sheets in the world won't matter if you as a parent don't feel at least reasonably happy and cared for. This means taking time -- by force if necessary! -- to eat, sleep, and do things that matter to you, whether that's work or crappy reality TV or a manicure or a spin class." - Huffington Post


Melissa said...

LOL. Limited filter, I like it and it's very true. Thanks for sharing!

NaNa said...

This sounds very true... thanks for the heads up! xoxo