Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Preston!

Our Sweet Lil P turned 5 years old last week. Here you are Preston, such a little peanut born at 34 wks, you were just 4lbs 3oz and a little fighter! It was an unbelievably scary experience having you arrive so early. We managed to get through the 4 week hospital stay and bring you home happy and healthy! 

Your a wonderful little boy who often brings his crazy older and younger brothers down a notch. Your sweet, mellow and such a nurturer. Your so intuitive about other peoples feelings and your always helping Mason out when he needs you. Your currently obsessed with Mindcraft and anything game related, drawling or puzzles. 

So little.

We started our morning off with a giant birthday breakfast at Ihop. The kids got all hopped up on loads of sugary syrup. Then we had more sugary ice cream cake in celebration of the special day. We probably had more sugar intake on this day than what we'd average in a month. I seriously try to cut back on sweets and regulate as much as possible. Two things my kids do not need, coffee (which Kellen loves and steals when he sees it) and sugar aka crack for kids. 

Trying to entertain Mason with condiments.

A tradition I started with Adrian's 5th Birthday last year.
A personalized story book.

Maybe you'll be a doctor one day? 

Uncle Justin and Mason

After coming down off of the sugar... this is how he ended his birthday. Content, relaxed and dreaming big dreams hopefully.

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Lesley @ Everyday Moments said...

So cute! Happy birthday buddy!!