Saturday, January 26, 2013


A hiatus.
A blogging break.

 I need to focus on some things like home projects,  possible work projects, my kids, my husband, more date nights, personal goals, rehabbing some of my thrift store junk treasures that are collecting dust. And I really need to work on making the first couple years of my blog into a family book which has been my plan ever since I started this blog way, way back in 2008. goodness... YES, I'm taking a much needed mommy-cation soon! woot-woot!! (shouting that from the top of my roof :) I totally need to re-charge, a vacation, I need to re-boot to keep up with this busy world John and I have created for ourselves. We re-boot our computers so it only makes sense we re-boot ourselves from time to time :)

I'm sure I'll have fun pics, news to share and lot's of updates when I return to our bubble space. I've learned such cool ideas, along with fun and valuable information following blogs and social networking. I've made some amazing friends, connections and re-connections here in the blogging world and will continue to do so when I get back!!

Have a fabulous day!  
friends, family and blogging buddies :) xoxo

here are the most recent pics from my camera......

These pictures actually sort of freak me out!! We look like crazy loon toons! like who are those people??!! Amazing what a set of eyes can change.

keep those eyes ball on son.

Adrian the character.


Renee said...

Haha, love the pics! It's the same with eyebrows! Amazing how much each individual facial feature can change a person!lol! Enjoy your break!! :)

Adam, Melissa, Blake and Karson said...

I love your blog and will miss your posts. You deserve a break! Hugs to your beautiful family and can't wait until our next gathering! XOXO
Melissa K

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation and blogging break sweety! I'm jealous, I need a vacation! -Sarah

Amy Z said...

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Jenn {Mommie Couture} said...

HAHA! Those eyes are a little scary! Only you all can make them look cute! Enjoy the bloggy break!