Saturday, January 5, 2013


In a New Kitchen Sink!?!?


Thanks to our Christmas gift resources that we put together, we spent an entire night shopping at Lowe's and bought new lighting for the house (not yet installed) AND a New Kitchen Sink! 

See what we were working with here....

(yuck, old, way too small, did I mention really old and the inside looked way worse)

So that's precisely why this sink was such a big deal and made us extremely gitty. It's amazing what 2-3 extra inches "in a sink" can do. In the previous sink I could fit about 5 dishes in it, and it looked full. Now I can fit a days worth of dishes without it looking like the sink/island is totally trashed. AND I can wash large dishes in the sink without ending up with a kiddy pool on our counter. Often it's the smallest of things that bring the biggest smiles!

We're proud that we were able to install this ourselves. Saving money is always a priority. We are not the most "handy" or "do it yourself" when it comes to the bigger home jobs. We are trying to change that. And so far-- so good!

Getting the sink out was the hardest part. On youtube it took them 20 seconds, and it took us about 30 minutes. That sucker was in there good!

It was a family affair. Start'em young I say and create some little worker/helper bees :)

We played with plumbers putty while sealing in the hardware. We shaved it off around the inner ring.

So what in the hell did DIY'ers do before Youtube?? We are so lucky to have all this info at the touch of our fingertips! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can find it all-- and then some on Youtube! Obviously we used that a lot for this project.

Last came the plumbing part. A little like Humpty Dumpty-- putting it all back together again. The pipes and plumbing had to be readjusting since there was a larger sink in there now. That took John about 3 trips to Ace and 3 hours later to get the perfect pipes to fit. In the end it all worked out and John and I did not kill each other. It's actually been fun working on projects together - cough, cough, no I'm serious tho, it has. The teamwork... the camaraderie and in the end.... the job well done part is pretty fantastic to share :)

The final product! So fresh and so clean, clean! I think it actually makes our counter tops look a little better. Of course that will be another project in the "future... distant future" list of TO DO's. But for now everything is beginning to match the black and stainless theme going on. 

Happiness (this week) is a new kitchen sink! :)


Renee said...

Looks fantastic!!! Well done on the DIY too!

rockinabbs29 said...

It looks so nice! I'd love a new sink! I'm a new follower! :)