Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting in Character

My latest collection of the little characters that run around our pad.
Dressing up is definitely #1 thing to do in our house!

some pics are cute and some a tad creepy. 
(let's hope Preston doesn't grow a real mustache and decide to be a burglar someday!)

and sometimes we get into moms stuff.

The tiny po-po and the biz man.

here's the stache gone bad. 
this is what happens when they get ahold of my eye pencil or in Preston's case some permanent markers. and sometimes the little boys are Adrian's blank canvas :)

a little Run-DMC... Yo
it's tricky, tricky

um ya, Adrian's growing like a weed and that Mario outfit is getting pretty tight, he won't be able to breath soon.

and the mini stache.

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Kelsey Poofy Cheeks said...

These cuties are just too funny! So stinkin' cute! :)