Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finger Foods: Toddlers with slippery fingers

Tip for moms with Tiny Tots :)

Coating your slippery finger foods first.

Banana slices, Avocado slices, Pears, Mangos.... really anything that's slippery. 

Although Mason can pick all these up, sometimes it takes forever. So I bought a box of Rice Crispy's and mashed them in a baggie, then I throw in the tiny chunks of food and it coats them lightly. 
It's magical.... he can grab them so much easier and it adds some extra texture for him to get used to. 

You can use all sorts of stuff as breading-- Chex, Cherrios, Corn Flakes, anything crunchable.

he loves it! 
and score for mom!


Anna said...

What a great idea!

Amanda Maddox said...

I wish I had this advice about 3 years ago!! What an awesome, simple solution.