Thursday, December 20, 2012

Loosen that Belt

Mr. Claus!

The boys and I made some uber yummy sugar cookies for Santa. Actually, burnt a batch, and my homemade frosting was a little less than desirable-- Oy Vey...I'm just not a good baker! Good thing the kids don't notice that sort of thing yet and I'm sure Santa won't notice either.

Last years cookies turned out much better!

Caught in the act. It wasn't hard... this was about every two minutes :)
IT IS the best part about baking pastries!

And he was so proud of his frosting abilities. It was very cute!

Poor Mason's not big enough to do these fun projects yet, so instead he gets chased around the house with a camera flashing in front of him.

Our "Lil Goat-Chipmunk"... he's always eating anything and everything on the floor and storing it in his chubby cheeks for later.

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