Friday, December 14, 2012

It Happened Again

"The man" turned a year older last week! 

And we celebrated by making a Ginger Bread house. This is what you do in your 30's and when you have a bunch of little ones to entertain. The kids were thrilled and couldn't wait to make this spectacular ginger creation.

Another year, another birthday. And I hate to admit that when we were young and all of the older people told us the older you get the faster the time goes (I totally thought they were full of it) turns out-- they were right!! It makes me sad. I just want to bottle up so many of these moments with John and the kids and keep them so they can last forever! 

We had fun making our very first Ginger Bread house (yes, the kids have been deprived). And I just knew it-- the kids ate at least 1/4 of the decorations. It was inevitable, they love sugar... they're addicts and this is why I have to monitor this stuff closely.

Precision at it's best.

Taddaaa! Just beautiful!

Sooo.... after the wild and crazy night of Ginger Bread house making, a few days later John really got to celebrate his birthday with a "day date" a nice lunch and a couples massage. OMGoodness it was relaxing, heavenly and just what we both needed! It was just really nice to relax together since it doesn't happen very often.


On a very sad note today, hugging the kids much tighter tonight and extra kisses at bedtime. The world is getting a little strange and scary out there and it sorta makes me want to homeschool the kids (as crazy as that would be) It's sad that our little ones safety could be compromised somewhere as safe as school should be. Counting our blessing tonight... and every night!

And... I'm going shopping for a giant bubble to put the boys in tomorrow.

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Renee said...

Looks like a fun birthday!! Need to find one of those ginger bread house kits i think!! (if you find one of those bubbles for your boys let me know, i'd like one too!)