Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Family Picture 2012

This is it! In all it's glory, as good as it gets when trying to take a photo with all these little people in it.
Bonus: At least everyone is smiling (in random directions)-- I'm sure Kellen is too :)

As soon as we added our third child to our family I knew that most family pictures from here on out would be more like action shots (at least until the kids get older). Unless of course I photoshop some heads around and take a smile or two from another picture, but that's just not realistic most of the time and very time consuming.


Christmas Eve.

 Not too shabby considering there are 5 kids age 6 and under in this one.
Pictured with (my mom) Nana Lu, (my brother) Uncle Justin and (my niece) Vivian.

By the time we left to go home Christmas Eve, there was about 3 or 4 inches on the ground. Perfect timing for Christmas!!


Christmas Morning.

Coffee- check, Laptop- check, Ginormous Gift- check... let the opening of gifts begin!

Santa ate his usual, sugar cookies and milk. Kellen had fun showing Pa some $ he received. And a big bonus for me this year, I didn't even have to clean up wrapping paper-- Mason ate it all :) And he totally would have if would have let him! Goat!

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