Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chalkboard Paint: Pinterest Project

Chalkboard Paint: Good Stuff!

Since all of our kids love to draw, especially with chalk this made perfect sense to do the little boys (Preston and Kellen's) bedroom.

All while utilizing some unused space in their bedroom. 

A decent sized corner of their bedroom needed something. (and we need curtains too, yes! :)


The "how to" part:


Chalkboard Paint (Home Depot) - they can do colored ones too, not just black
Paint Roller
Trim Tape
Tape Measure
Siliconized Acrylic Caulk Clear (and paintable)
Acrylic Paints of your choice

Measured the area and marked it off. 

Rolled it out.
Waited 4 hours.
Rolled it again and repeated one last time. 

Taped off some nice straight lines for the chalkboard border.

***Very Important for nice lines
I applied Clear Caulk to the edges of the tape to seal in the border lines. Make sure it's paintable caulk.

Figured this out the hard way... Textured walls really suck for painting fine lines and pictures!!
My first experience with this and I'm sad to say that I don't think the I'll be doing one these murals here on these walls anytime soon.

I went with a city scape theme to decorate the top because it's what the kids are really into right now. Cities, building, roads....
I used mostly acrylic paints for the buildings and a little regular wall paint as well.

John: "Isn't it called a Post Office" 
Yes, I know this... but I didn't measure and started too close to the edge, so my fix was to make it a "Postal Service" instead (I'm technically right :) And it happens to be the name of one of our favorite bands. So it just works!!

Their room is full of their very own original artwork.

Melting Crayons Project: Here

It turned out better than I envisioned. Took over a week to complete, working on it an hour here, 30 min. here and 15 minutes there, And having the little's hang out in the room while working on this ended up like this...

Hello-- permanent Sharpie marker. Good thing those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers really do get almost anything off. I don't even want to know what's in them! Lot's of nasty stuff I'm sure.

Whallllaaa! Hours of fun to come! 


Sean Marie said...

You did a fantastic job, this is so neat!

Anna said...

How cute! You did an awesome job. I love chalkboard paint! My mom painted a whole wall in our basement with it when I was a kid. We got to scribble away to our hearts content.

Melissa L said...

Love the chalkboard a lot!! Very creative. I am going to start one tomorrow. We have 2 in our dining room on doors, but now for a wall one.