Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alvin, Simon, Theodore

Dute Dute.... Da DuDuDute

Our first year trick or treating in our new hood. Lovely weather, covered lot's of ground and no meltdowns! 
The smell of success-- it was a good Halloween!

John's been wanting the boys to dress up as the chipmunks for 2 years now... and this year was it. It was inexpensive, easy and so flipping cute! And probably the last year we could talk them into being something we wanted them to be.

A couple eye liner pencils can go such a long way for face decorating.

These were so easy to make. 

A couple turtlenecks from the thrift store
Felt squares cut out for the "A'
 A Glue gun
Reindeer ears from the dollar store
(I cut up the reindeer ears, cut triangles out for some chipmunk ears, glued them back on)
I took white felt to make the inside of the ears... and that's it, 20 minutes to some cute costumes!

It's the kids and some ugly rapper dude (me). I love to dress up for Halloween! 2010 & 2008
I know I look ridiculous, right! But I had fun and after all that's what matters.

Mason the scary lion.

Grandma Honey was in town for Halloween. We took her up to Daniels Park to check the view out.

She survived 3 kids with Croup, 1 with pink eye, a bizillion tantrums and meltdowns, many early mornings and I'm betting she will take a nice long nap for about 2-3 days when she returns home (I would). These kids and their energy levels are at an all time high right now. No need to wonder why I'm whooped by 9pm every night and ready to go pass out.

John cooked us dinner and had to get his snowboarding gear on to prevail against the oniony air. Men cooking :)


Renee said...

LOVE the costumes!! You all look Awesome!

Barbara said...

I love their costumes! How cute and creative!

Lesley @ Everyday Moments said...

I think those are the best costumes!!

Biz said...

I LOVE THOSE chipmunk costumes!
So stinking adorable!
And your hubby is Cracking me up with his onion cutting gear....Bwahahaha!

jessicaclarke said...

Cute costumes!!