Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful: 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

We have many, many things to be grateful and thankful for here in 2012. 
But these five special people are at the top of my list!

Boys, Boys, Boys
These boys are my world. Without them I would be unbelievably bored.

The innocent honesty of children is quite refreshing. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Boy and his Balloon

The Amazing Balloon

get it, shake it, get craaazy wit it!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinterest Project: Stairway Picture Collage

This might be my favorite project so far
 A Pinterest inspired collage of pictures going up our once boring, plain jane stairway wall.

I started by sanding, priming and then painting the oak part of our railing white. 

A fresh start.

I weeded through a ton of frames, then ordered pictures from Shutterfly to fit the chosen ones. They also have a wall art section in case you don't have frames. 

I put my mirror up that I wanted to work around. Marked the wall space about 3.5 ft  up from each step. Then 3 ft. of picture space.

Picked my frames and then cut them out and number them as I put them up so I could stay organized (it helped so much! I used to just put a bunch of holes in my wall until the frames looked right.. eek!) 

Painted my wood "S" and a couple frames to add some color.

And BAM... the final project! (well, after I get my pictures put in) 
I'm very happy with this project. I could never have started this without so many good "pins" from Pinterest!

I'm still not certain about the colored frames (John hates them) or the "S" colors, it might be too matchy-matchy? It might look better as a solid color or I'd like to buy a ceramic S, or maybe a vintage one. 

That's the nice thing about this collage is that as I find better frames and other pieces to add to it. And I can easily do that and switch things out. 

**** Update: And now over a year later, our wall has grown a little bit more.... I think it's maxed out!! :)

My little helpers. Always... they must be under my feet at all times :)


And now for "his" project.... 

the man's version of a home improvement.

A basketball hoop in our family room. Why yes it is!

I'm so outnumbered in this house that I've decided I need to let certain things go and be a fun mom. It brings the man lot's of happiness as it does the little boys who enjoy dropping balls in from the top of the stairs.

A total eye sore but that's okay... for now, until they start breaking lamps and stuff!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Me and P

Our sweet Preston aka "P", "Lil P", "P-Dizzle"

Our shy guy, often quiet, reserved, soft spoken, sweet as pie and such an amazing artist for a 4 year old and the best big brother. He's such an awesome little boy!

(photography by Adrian)


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alvin, Simon, Theodore

Dute Dute.... Da DuDuDute

Our first year trick or treating in our new hood. Lovely weather, covered lot's of ground and no meltdowns! 
The smell of success-- it was a good Halloween!

John's been wanting the boys to dress up as the chipmunks for 2 years now... and this year was it. It was inexpensive, easy and so flipping cute! And probably the last year we could talk them into being something we wanted them to be.

A couple eye liner pencils can go such a long way for face decorating.

These were so easy to make. 

A couple turtlenecks from the thrift store
Felt squares cut out for the "A'
 A Glue gun
Reindeer ears from the dollar store
(I cut up the reindeer ears, cut triangles out for some chipmunk ears, glued them back on)
I took white felt to make the inside of the ears... and that's it, 20 minutes to some cute costumes!

It's the kids and some ugly rapper dude (me). I love to dress up for Halloween! 2010 & 2008
I know I look ridiculous, right! But I had fun and after all that's what matters.

Mason the scary lion.

Grandma Honey was in town for Halloween. We took her up to Daniels Park to check the view out.

She survived 3 kids with Croup, 1 with pink eye, a bizillion tantrums and meltdowns, many early mornings and I'm betting she will take a nice long nap for about 2-3 days when she returns home (I would). These kids and their energy levels are at an all time high right now. No need to wonder why I'm whooped by 9pm every night and ready to go pass out.

John cooked us dinner and had to get his snowboarding gear on to prevail against the oniony air. Men cooking :)