Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Glasses

Whadaya think? 

Do I look studious? knowledgeable? like I know what I'm doing and have everything under control? (ya right)
Do I look like I'm organized? accomplished? maybe? maybe not? 

I was approached by Firmoo to try out a pair of their glasses and write a blog review. I was very happy to do so! I had just been looking for my glasses the other day and couldn't find them so it was perfect timing. I've worn glasses on and off for many years... some prescription, some for fashion. I think it's always nice to have a pair laying around just in case. 

(they make my gym attire look a little brainy)

So after looking at their super easy to navigate website I chose these black rimmed glasses with light blue trim on the inside. I'm always hesitant when ordering things online, but they supplied the measurments so I knew these should be close to the right size.

I have a small face and usually glasses are too big. So it was to my surprise that these ones fit really, really well. And I like them so much I'm going to get another pair in a similar style but different color.

A special thanks to my son Adrian for his photography skills. Not bad for a 5 year old :)


 I really like the blue trim... it adds a little touch of color without totally changing the look. And all of the glasses at Firmoo are available with a prescription or just for fashion fun and they have so much to choose from, along with being very affordable... Bonus!

So... here's to looking smarter or seeing better or both.

****they are doing a first time customer free pair promo, it's on hold right now and looks like it should be back on after Oct. 8th


Danna said...

They look great on you! It can be so hard to find glasses that look and fit great, these look wonderful!

tasha monohan said...

Those look so cute! I'm in need of an upgrade on my glasses too. Have a wonderful day and thanks for the link.

Grace said...

They look good on you. Just wanted to say that you look great for a momma of four. Take care.

Lesley @ the floyd boys said...

Wow I love them!