Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall in Panoramic View

(click on to enlarge)

Adrian was making a fall leaf book for his class assignment, so we took the opportunity to head into the mountains to get his leaves since the leaves in our hood were small and all looked the same.

The trees, the mountains and the fresh air was placid and beautiful. And there were plenty of colored leaves to choose from.

The clouds hid the tops of the mountains.

I have to admit, the falling rock signs all through the mountain roads freak me out a little.

We worked up an appetite and headed to a sleepy little mountain town for a Mexican feast.

Panoramic view... I need some more practice, look at poor Kellen's face and Preston's body. Eek!

Isn't he just yummy?!

We used to take the kids out to eat about once a month (sometimes less :) and that was just to practice good behavior, manors and how to act in a public restaurant. Occasionally it was great and often times not so great. On many of our visits we'd end up leaving with lots of to-go boxes. However, lately we've been going out to eat more and more with the whole gang and in the last month 3 trips in a row have been a success!

Keys to a successful dining experience with lot's of little ones:

  • knowing when to say "let's go"
  • don't push the envelope and take too long
  • take crayons/paper - usually they provide them at most places
  • Ipods or Iphones work for games in times of desperation
  • Don't go at the most busiest times
  • ask for the tab ahead of time - slow servers and antsy kids don't mix!!
(and now that I posted this, I'm certain our next dining experience will be a total bust!)


Grace said...

thanks for sharing the Fall foliage as we have nothing like that here unless we take a short road trip to the white mountains. or about an hour and a half to our local mountains just to be around lots of pine trees. the desert landscape is definitely NOT for me.

Barbara said...

Those pictures of the scenery are amazing, and how cute is your little one with that hat on? Love!