Sunday, September 23, 2012



We've all got our favorites. These are some of my favorites so far as we piece together our house and make it unique and cozy. I'm really liking the colorful accents in all the boys rooms. 

We've been having so much fun melting crayons and turning them into art!
(A post on that in the near future)

This picture for Adrian's room was a Pinterest project done here.

Old and new artwork-- all completed by the kids. What better way to decorate their room then with their own masterpieces?
The hand print picture has all 4 little hands on it -- so sweet!

A nook on our counter filled with mini roses from the backyard. 
A favorite-- these fake geen apples. And that bowl used to be pea green... of course I sprayed it black.

true that.

Our dark grey walls are waiting for a row of large black framed pictures with thick white matts that will go above the bed. And our nightstands need those frames filled in.

Other than a pop of color here and there, our living spaces are mostly black, white, beige and various shades of grey. What can I say... when our main choice of decor is Little Tykes, Melissa & Doug, and all those other random toys scattered far and wide throughout the house-- going with some basic colors has helped clean up our space "a little" bit. (yah, a little)

AND.... here's my least favorite space right now. The dreadful TOY ROOM!
I really need to make a trip to Ikea and figure out some better ways to organize this disastrous tornado that the kids re-create on a daily basis!!

Ah yes, a work in progress... always.

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Barbara said...

I love all of the details for the boy rooms. The framed artwork looks so great!