Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lot's of Stuff

It's been busy. 
Actually, it's always busy, but it was a tad busier than the usual busy routine of a normal week.

'Pa" came to CO. 
And he played and played and tired out the kiddos and himself.

Aunt Mikki visited CO. 
And played and babysat and cleaned and was a big, big help :)

"the band"

Mason was in heaven with all the attention.

We visited the mountain park. 
Heyoooo-- character Kellen!

John's longtime buddy Nick gave us a visit while in town.

Geoff and John rang in Oktoberfest with a 5k & a chug and dash.
Good job boys! 

And I got to squeeze in two "date nights" in a row with my good friend Rachael who was in town for work. Good wine, seafood, sushi and lot's of laughs... it was fab!!


Biz said...

I need some girl nights!
Maybe after we get settled from our move!
Too bad I don't live closer to you....I'd love sushi and seafood right now!!!

Aunt Mikki said...

Oh what fun we had...miss you all!