Monday, September 3, 2012

Cookout in the "New Hood"

Our first holiday cookout invite was a success!

We are very lucky to have wonderful, normal, fun, helpful, friendly neighbors in our new hood. And being in a cul-da-sac is the added bonus! Kellen can escape and there is no traffic to worry about. He can go ring the neighbors doorbell and we're assured they'll bring him back. He's just at that age-- we have added hotel locks and alarms to keep him in. He's ornery right now, not sure if I've mentioned that before?!?

Everyone was really good for the 5 hours we were there. Lot's of kids and toys to entertain and some amazing BBQ (that my kids are too picky to touch). So I made them some toddler food to ensure they'd eat something, just in case. If there's one thing I am continuing to learn as a mom of multiple little ones, it's this-- be prepared... always, and I mean for anything! 

Along with our regular side dish I took a platter of my special (not really that special actually, but don't tell my kids that!) 

PBJ - Banana Burgs
("burgs" just because they look like little burgers in the end)

of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished platter of these... but I thought it was worth sharing with moms of picky eaters out there.

** You can cut them in hearts or stars for something different to change it up, but my cookie cutters were too small. This round thing I used is a "perfect egg" maker thingy. It worked great!

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Grace said...

that's wonderful having great neighbors ... and glad to hear you had a great time.
we were in San Diego over the long weekend and I'm glad because if we would have stayed in Tucson it would have been a boring long weekend since it's still too hot to spent it outdoors.