Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blonde Bombshell

"Yes, they're all mine... all four of them"

Why yes, even that blonde one over there.

I can't get over how light Kellen's hair still is? It should be darkening up any day now. We joke about the 'switched at birth' possibility?!? Our blue eyed blondie. 

And that reindeer... he's mine too :)

Good Sport!
Letting his big brothers dress him up and use him as a prop.


Barbara said...

That little reindeer is adorable! Our oldest keeps getting more and more blonde. He definitely was switched at birth! ;)

Amy said...

my oldest is the same way! Blonde hair and blue/green eyes! I'm dark haired, eyed and olive skinned :) My husband has dark hair and blue eyes so at least i know he gets the eyes from someone :)

Amy said...

and all your boys are adorable!

Little Beachs said...

They are adorable!!Crazy how different each kid is! Our first is dark hair and now were wondering if out next one will get the blond gene or the dark gene. Its exciting!!